In 1985 the founders of NESCO started their business based upon quality service to their clients. Initially NESCO dedicated their attention to the maintenance of the hemodialysis machines and the water treatment units for these machines .

Their objective was to provide the clients the best quality service they can imagine and exceed this imagination, by this objective NESCO reached quickly the clients confidence. As a result of this confidence the business grow more and more .to improve this objective NESCO began to search for the best international brand names working in water treatment and successfully NESCO selected the best brand names .

After few years the government have a tender for purchasing 75 water treatment units. After studying the government chose NESCO’s offer from other companies, it was a prove to all clients that they can always trust NESCO.

In 1995, with the diffusion of the renal failure disease in Egypt, which one of it’s main reason is the water pollution and along with doctors recommendation that we should treat and purify our water this convoy the world growing concern over the water pollution, NESCO as usual selected the best brand name working in the domestic water treatment market.

We are always looking forward and doing our best to be always the consumer right choice.

We invite you to share our pure life to gain this best service quality.

Why Aqua Luxuria?

When NESCO as a company decided to create the brand “Aqua Luxuria” as a trade name for its residential purification systems, it was important to choose a name that reflects the products’ and services’ quality offered to its customers.

The choice of the word “Luxuria” is to reflect the highest levels of quality, or a “luxurious quality”. And since the offered products are water purification systems we added “Aqua” which means water. The Latin words used reflect the tradition and deep experience, which are generic values within NESCO.

As for the most expressing slogan that really speaks for the “Ultimate Value” delivered to our customers, we found that “Live Different” is the best wording.
Thus “Aqua Luxuria” is a brand offering the highest level of luxurious quality because our customers simply seek to “Live differently” in their own perfect pure world.