What is AQUA LUXURIA maintenance program?

In order to increase the value delivered to you we’ve developed the usual traditional maintenance services – that exists in all other companies in the same field - into a whole new and customized maintenance program, granting you two main great values:

Peace of mind: your purchased system is now totally protected; as you get upon purchase the standard guarantee (against industry defects) and at the same time a customized membership in a unique maintenance program.
Protection against increase of maintenance costs; now you’re safe from any increase in cost of maintenance services and consumables you may use - which is about (20%) annually. You pay only the price rate upon contracting. We’ll bear for you any increase in costs till end of your membership.
Minimum discount of 10% on all consumables.
This unique customized program is designed to offer you four different levels of memberships to choose from according to your specific needs. All memberships include great benefits: